In the last year the property market in the Catalan capital Barcelona has shown a continued growth. Widely promoted as a European property investment ‘hotspot’, homes continue to be in demand, particularly among international buyers, who have continued to drive sales during 2016. The local market has also seen increased activity as the local economy continues to grow and financing becomes more and more available. 2016 saw a steady increase in property prices and in some highly sought-after districts saw double-digit growth.

Invest in a strong Property Market

Growth indicators in the Spanish economy – added to the feeling among the population that the deepest part of the economic crisis is over – have generated renewed interest in the real estate sector. Thus, the housing market has been energised, while the rental market will continue to spur ahead. Barcelona, has attracted a lot of investors. They buy, renovate and sell buildings.

Invest in a Golden Visa Spain

Golden Visa Spain offers a Spanish residence for non-Europeans in exchange for investing in the Spanish real estate sector. The residence permit now also includes the right to work in Spain and investors will be able to acquire their properties, either directly or indirectly through a registered company. Married couples wishing to acquire a property together no longer have to meet the condition of investing €500,000 individually.

Invest in Quality of Life

Barcelona holds the title of being the European city with the best quality of life for employees according to the European Cities Monitor, a position it has maintained over the last 14 years. Spain is known for some of the best international schools in Europe and with more than 7.6 million visitors, Barcelona has become one of the main cultural and urban destinations in Europe. The city offers a pleasant Mediterranean climate with over 2,400 hours of sunshine per year.

Your Property

Whether you are looking for a long term investment in a rental property or looking for capital gains, whether you want to refurbish a property or are looking for a new or refurbished property, we have the experience to help you find the place that really meets your requirements. Constantly analysing the Barcelona housing market, we find the best properties in the most suitable neighbourhoods in Barcelona and arrange as many viewings as you need to make a choice.

Our services include:

  • Discuss your requirements with respect to the property (location, size, state, price etc.)
  • Select and present suitable properties
  • Arrange, accommodate and assist with viewings of selected properties
  • Negotiations with sellers or sellers’ representatives (i.e. real estate agents)
  • Introduction to solicitors and notaries
  • Introduction to banks or lenders in Barcelona
  • Set up of Spanish bank accounts
  • Putting (mandatory) insurances in place
  • Assistance to meet any visa requirements and Spanish (tax) identification/registration (i.e. NIE)
  • Assistance incorporating a Spanish company

And once you have found a property:

  • Arrange utilities and services
  • Assist with any required refurbishment or decoration
  • Assist you with letting/renting out and managing the property


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